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Jagwonder Jaggery Powder 500 gm × 4 Pack in Crushed Powder form

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Introducing Jagwonder Jaggery - Your Natural, Pure, and Hygienic Sweet Delight!

At Jagwonder, we take immense pride in being the exclusive jaggery producer and supplier in India. While many others Baands are merely sellers, we are the true artisans behind this exquisite sweetener. Our commitment to quality and authenticity sets us apart, making Jagwonder Jaggery your first and only choice. Here's why you should choose Jagwonder Jaggery:

1. Control Over Quality: Jagwonder is a pioneer in the jaggery Cubeæand Crushed Powder making business. We're not just resellers are creators. Unlike many others Brands who purchase jaggery from local manufacturers, we maintain complete control over the quality at every step of the process. When you choose Jagwonder, are choosing uncompromising quality.

2. Specialization in Jaggery: Our sole focus is on crafting the finest jaggery, not on general grocery trading. This specialization allows us to maintain a meticulous quality standard. Jagwonder Jaggery is not just one product in a sea of options; it is the only product we love to create and offer to our customers along with Cold Pressed Oils.

3. Quality Raw Materials: Quality begins with the raw materials, and we understand that. We pay our sugarcane growing farmers a premium of Rs 5000 per ton, making us the top paymaster in India. This ensures that we receive the highest quality sugarcane, adhering to Jagwonder's strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

4. Easy Quality Check at Home: We're confident that once you experience Jagwonder Jaggery, you'll never go back. But if you ever need to confirm the quality, here's how you can do it at home:

  • No Fermented Smell: Local jaggery, often produced inunhygienic conditions, can have a fermented smell Jagwonder Jaggery, on the other hand, offers the natural and enticing aroma of pure jaggery.
  • No Burping: Local jaggery may contain adulterants likebaking soda, causing discomfort when used in tea. With Jagwonder Jaggery, you can enjoy your tea without worrying about unpleasant burping.
  • Sucrose Percentage: Our jaggery guarantees a sucrosepercentage of less than 85%. Excessive sucrose content can be a sign of adulteration with sugar.
  • Sulphur and Phosphate Percentage: Jagwonder Jaggery boasts sulphur and phosphate levels below 5 ppm, which are naturally occurring and not added chemicals. Higher levels can indicate use of chemical and preservatives.
  • Bacterial Count Nil: We take hygiene seriously. Jagwonder Jaggery is made after washing each sugarcane thoroughly to achieve a bacterial count of nil. In unhygienic jaggery-making processes, bacterial counts can reach alarming levels.

The choice is crystal clear - Jagwonder Jaggery. Experience the difference of naturally processed, hygienically made, and pure jaggery with no comparison. Indulge in the rich, authentic sweetness of Jagwonder Jaggery and savor the true essence of this traditional delight. Your sweet moments deserve nothing but the best, and that's what we deliver.

Delivery Information

Lightning-Fast Delivery: We understand the importance of receiving your favorite Jaggery and Cold Pressed Oil without delay. That's why we strive to ensure same-day dispatch 99% of the time, so you can enjoy the freshness and goodness of our products right when you need them. Within Maharashtra shipping time is 3-5 days depending on delivery pincode and for rest of India shipping time is 5-9 days depending on delivery pincode.

About Us

About Jagwonder Jaggery, Cold Pressed Oil, and Pure Cow Ghee: Unveiling Excellence in Taste and Quality

At Jagwonder, we are on a mission to redefine your culinary experience with our world-renowned Jaggery, Cold Pressed Oil, and Pure Cow Ghee. We believe that the best taste begins with an unwavering commitment to quality, and our passion for perfection has made us a household name in the world of natural, wholesome delights.

Our Distinctive Features

When it comes to Jaggery, Cold Pressed Oil, and Pure Cow Ghee, we proudly offer the world's finest taste. This exceptional quality can be attributed to three key pillars:

  1. High-Quality Raw Materials: We've earned the reputation as the number one paymaster to farmers in India. Our commitment to paying Rs 5000 per ton to sugarcane-growing farmers and offering fair prices to oilseed suppliers ensures that we have access to the highest quality raw materials. This sets the foundation for the extraordinary taste that our products deliver.
  2. Hygienic Making Process: Quality is not just about the ingredients; it's about the process. Our state-of-the-art, hygienic production facilities guarantee a bacterial count of nil, setting our products apart in terms of purity, safety, and delectable flavor.
  3. Lightning-Fast Delivery: We understand the importance of receiving your favorite Jaggery, Cold Pressed Oil, and Pure Cow Ghee without delay. That's why we strive to ensure same-day dispatch 99% of the time, so you can enjoy the freshness and goodness of our products right when you need them.

Key Highlights About Us:

  1. Farmers First: We believe in fair trade and economic sustainability. By paying Rs 5000 per ton to sugarcane-growing farmers and offering equitable prices to oilseed suppliers, we're not just creating products; we're nurturing partnerships and livelihoods.
  2. Empowered Workforce: Jagwonder proudly employs a 100% women workforce. This unique approach ensures that every product is crafted with the love and care it truly deserves. We're not just a business; we're a family that's committed to delivering the finest to your table.
  3. Safe and Secure Packaging: We understand the importance of safe, reliable packaging. Our products reach you in robust and sturdy packages, ensuring that they arrive in pristine condition, ready to add their exceptional flavors to your meals.

Pure Cow Ghee: Tradition Meets Excellence

Our Pure Cow Ghee is a testament to our dedication to quality and tradition. Made using the Billona method, our ghee is crafted in small batches to ensure maximum purity and nutritional value. We  offer  ghee infused with  Tulsi (basil) , which combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern culinary practices.

Experience the Jagwonder Difference

At Jagwonder, we don't just offer products; we provide an unforgettable culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the world of taste, quality, and tradition with Jagwonder Jaggery, Cold Pressed Oil, and Pure Cow Ghee. It's not just about what you eat; it's about how you savor life's flavors. Experience the difference, and savor the extraordinary with Jagwonder.

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▶ D. M.E. , B. E. ( Mech) VJTI , Mumbai

▶ 2 Patents on Automatic Jaggery Making System

▶ 20 Years Professional Experience

☛ Bandu Pralhad Pawar is a revolutionary Entrepreneur , internationally acclaimed Jaggery Business Coach

☛ Known for his Patented Technology which has brought down processing cost of Jaggery making by Rs 750 per ton of sugar cane processed.

☛ He has developed worlds first Jaggery Cube with shelf life of 1 year and Jaggery Cube cane be used in boiling tea and tea will not curdle ( Regular Jaggery cant be used in boiling Tea. )

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Suhasini Gerald

Good quality product

Jyoti Hinduja
Jagwonder Jaggery Powder

It's a amazing product, doesn't cuddle with the milk,purchased 2nd time, but the price seems on the higher side.

Reshma Meghani
About product

Really very nice no cuddling in tea

Kiran M. Ladha

Jagwonder Jaggery Powder 500 gm × 4 Pack in Crushed Powder form

Jaggery powder is not good

5 star for jaggery cubes. But 3 star for jaggery crush jaggery powder. Because powder is uneven crushed and it's is very hard to chew . They should crush them more until that looks like powder. This was my review ACC to my choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do pay Rs 4500 per ton to Sugarcane Growing Famers. To make quality Jaggery Products, Quality Sugarcane plays very crucial role. By paying Rs. 4500 per ton to sugarcane farmers we are trying to be fair with hardworking farmers. In return we get 100% matured and healthy cane throughout a year.

We employ 100 percent Local Women Employees who makes Jaggery with utmost love and care. Women Empowerment is reason behind employing 100% Women Employee.

Jagwonder® assures Bacterial count NILL. If Jaggery Making Process is unhygienic Bacterial Count is in Lakhs. Jagwonder® Jaggery is made after washing each sugarcane to achieve Bacterial Count NILL, that why our Tag line is ‘if its Veg Jaggery…its Jagwonder’

Jagwonder® Jaggery assures Sulphur and phosphate (which comes with natural sugar cane and not added chemical) less than 5 ppm, In case of local jaggery , it is more than 5 ppm, there are chances that Jaggery is added with chemicals.

No Burp Jaggery – If you make tea with local jaggery powder with adulteration wherein Baking Soda is added to jaggery, you will be burped. Jagwonder® Jaggery we promise your experience will not be the same because we don’t add baking soda to make Jaggery Powder but we use Jaggery Crushing Technology

Sucrose Percentage – Jagwonder® Jaggery assures Sucrose percentage less than 85 percentage, if sucrose percentage is more than 85 percent there is chance that jaggery is adulterated with Sugar.

Yes. We do make our own Jaggery. We are not a Trader of Jaggery. Because we make our won Jaggery we have 100% control over Jaggery Making Process and we can assure best products to our consumer.

Yes. Each Sugarcane is washed with love and care before crushing it. With Jagwonder® Jaggery you will get fresh aroma of Jaggery. Jaggery will not smell like fermented one. In case of regular Jaggery blood of insects , ants , etc goes in sugarcane juice and finally into jaggery because sugarcane is not washed.

If Jaggery is natural without chemical, tea should not curdle. But if milk is with higher bacterial count (poorly processed/ stored), tea may curdle. In that case use Jaggery once boiling of tea is complete.

Yes, Jagwonder® is naturally processed Jaggery. We use only natural ingredients to process Jagwonder® jaggery.You can test at home. If tea doesn’t curdle then you may conclude that jaggery is naturally processed.