How to check quality of jaggery ? What is best jaggery brand available in India

How to check quality of jaggery ? What is best jaggery brand available in India - Jagwonder
  1. No fermented Smell - Local Jaggery which is made in unhygienic condition will smell like fermented one, Jagwonder Jaggery comes natural aroma of Jaggery.
  2. No Burp Jaggery – If you make tea with local jaggery with adulteration of Baking Soda, you will be burped. In case of Jagwonder Jaggery, we promise your experience will not be the same because we don’t add baking soda to make Jaggery but we use Patented Jaggery Making Process which is natural

3.Sucrose Percentage – Jagwonder Jaggery assures Sucrose percentage less than 85 percentage, if sucrose percentage is more than 85 percent there is chance that jaggery is adulterated with Sugar

4.Sulphur and Phosphate Percentage – Jagwonder Jaggery assures Sulphur and phosphate (which comes with natural sugar cane and not added chemical) less than 5 ppm, if it is more than 5 ppm there are chances that Jaggery is added with chemicals

5.Bacterial Count NILL – Jagwonder assures Bacterial count NILL. If Jaggery Making Process is unhygienic Bacterial Count is in Lakhs. Jagwonder Jaggery is made after washing each sugarcane to achieve Bacterial Count NILL, that why our Tag line is ‘if its Veg Jaggery…its Jagwonder’

  1. No fake claim – Jagwonder Jaggery don’t claim Organic. if you check Authenticity of Organic Certification and Certifying Agencies of other Jaggery SELLERS, you will know truth. Jagwonder Jaggery is naturally processed and best way to check naturality is to make tea using Jaggery in boiling tea and if tea doesn’t curdle that means Jaggery is naturally processed and at the same time Sucrose percentage less than 85 percent with no added baking soda.

7.Jagwonder Jaggery offers unmatched Taste and test Reports

8.Only Women Employees- We employ 100 percent Local Women Employees who makes Jaggery with upmost love and care

9.Jagwonder Brand is owned by Bandu Pawar who is known as ‘Jaggery King’ in India. Published Author of worlds first Book on Jaggery Technology and Business ‘Become Rich with Jaggery Business’. He is pioneer of making 5 gm Jaggery Cubes and Crushed Jaggery. He is only trainer who has trained more than 10000 Jagpreneurs.

10.Jagwonder Jaggery is made with Patented Technology (applied)